Marine Education™ iPhone®, iPad® & iPod Touch® Application




MarineEd™ flashcards (& quiz) application– learn, study, test and revise all the essentials to help you be safe at sea.

One app; 12 categories; 3 levels of difficulty; covering all the fundamentals and suitable for anyone who loves watersports, anywhere in the world.


Normally, marine education apps cover just one or two themes, meaning that you would need to buy several different applications to aid your learning. But not this time! The MarineEd™ approach is focused on giving you one app, focusing on the essentials of ALL the categories, a quality, fun product that delivers value for money.





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App Features:

• Offline functionality: Study & test yourself - no Internet required!

• Self test: Interactive quiz mode with 3 levels of difficulty

• Visual images: Detailed, full colour illustrations & explanations

• Progression management: Record your quiz score outcomes

• Social media: Post your scores to Facebook or Twitter


Categories include:

  • Buoyage (Worldwide coverage for IALA A & B regions)
  • Tides
  • Weather
  • I.R.P.C.S. (road rules for sail & power craft)
  • Chart symbols
  • Night navigation lights
  • Sound signals
  • Day shapes
  • Engine Types
  • Anchors
  • Hull types
  • First Aid
  • VHF marine radio
  • Safety and more..


Study Mode: Offers the option to learn by category or all the subjects together offering a cutting edge learning experience. Full colour flash cards expertly drawn by renowned marine publications illustrator Pete Galvin – accompanied by clear, concise descriptions.


Quiz Mode: The quiz gives an intuitive and fun experience by offering 3 different levels of difficulty so whether you’re just starting out or a more experience marine user there’s a challenge for everyone. Each time you play 40 questions are selected at random, all from the difficulty level chosen, so you should never get the same order of questions twice! Hopefully that will keep you on your toes!


Suitable for anyone interested in water activities:

- Yachtsmen (novice & refresher level)

- Fishermen

- Dinghy Sailors

- Powerboaters

- Jetskiers

- Motorboaters (novice & refresher level)

- Superyacht crew


The MarineEd™ app content is written and put together by a 2x training award winner who is highly qualified and specialises in teaching everyone from beginners to advanced instructors.


iOS required: Minimum 4.3

Language availability: UK English

App Screenshots: 

MarineEd™ - Committed to helping students learn more quickly and instructors teach more effectively. 


Research has proven time and time again that the most effective way of learning is by seeing (visual) and the most effective way of retaining is by doing (kinesthetic). This app forfills both of these mediums by offering a 'Study Mode' with a set of full colour, reversible flash card study aids; along with 'Quiz Mode' offering a chance to 'test yourself' through the use of visual and text mediums. 

Reference: Leite, W. L., Svinicki, M. & Shi, Y. (2010). Attempted Validation of the Scores of the VARK: Learning Styles Inventory With Multitrait-Multimethod Confirmatory Factor Analysis Models. Educational and Psychological Measurement. 70, 323-339

Buy the MarineEd™ App...

Download the ‘MarineEd™’ App for iPhone® & iPod touch® (can be used on iPad®) from the App Store℠ where you will be able to access this App (£2.29 in the U.K.)

Cost: £2-29 for: Over 100 full colour study mode flash cards with approximately 300 associated questions in quiz mode. Each time you play the quiz 40 questions will be chosen at random for the level of difficulty chosen.