RYA jetski (PWC) Proficiency Course

Our jetski courses are designed for first time and experienced riders alike and is also the pre-requisite to completing the RYA Jetski (PWC) Instructor Course. Increasingly the RYA certificate is required for launching in UK harbours, but is also needed if you want to use your PW abroad, this certificate is often referred to as a RYA jetski licence or RYA PWC licence. 


Minimum age: 12

Prior experience/knowledge: None


1 day (Approx 09:30 - 17:00/17:30)

Supported by:

Yamaha Motor UK

Course content:

  • Launching & recovery
  • Low & high speed handling
  • Man overboard recovery
  • Coming alongside / marina handling
  • Towing & emergency situations
  • Basic navigation & passage planning
  • Road rules (IRPCS) & byelaws
  • Weather & Tides
  • Aftercare & maintenance

Why choose us for your RYA PWC (jetski) Proficiency Course?

Our PWC (jetski's) are probably the bit that stand out as much as our incredible RYA instructors. We don't run our RYA PWC (jetski) courses on 'entry level' PWC like the Seadoo Spark, but rather on performance models which makes for a training experience that will prepare you better for your future riding. We have ensured that we have both the technical options of the manual reverse along with the new Yamaha RiDE electronic reverse and braking systems are available to you to ensure you are fully prepared for your future. 

If you are planning on hiring/buying a PWC (jetski) the chances of your riding taking place on performance models is far more likely than on a entry-level PWC, so why not learn on a PWC that is more relevant to your future riding? plus it's more fun :) 

If you haven't already been persuaded by the above then its worth mentioning our Principal not only has 20 years of PWC teaching experience but is also the author of the RYA PWC Handbook! Therefore being able to bring that extra bit of support and advice should you need it. 

Our school PWC:

yamaha waverunner fxho

Yamaha Waverunner FX-HO 160hp

yamaha waverunner fxho

Yamaha Waverunner FX-HO 160hp

2018 yamaha vx

Yamaha Waverunner VX 1049cc

Course Fees:

All Course fees include:

  • Participation in the 1 day PWC course
  • Your instructor on a safety craft
  • RYA PWC Handbook
  • RYA PWC Proficiency Certificate (assuming successful course completion)

Course fees (school PWC) include:

  • Use of PWC (jetski) during course (maximum 2 people per PWC)
  • Fuel
  • Insurance 
  • Use of a Buoyancy Aid
  • Use of a Wetsuit
  • Use of Wetsuit Booties

RYA PWC Handbook written by our Principal Candi Abbott

RYA PWC (jetski) Proficiency Course (maximum 1:6 / Instructor : Student ratio)  Duration   Fee (p.p.) inc.VAT

1 person - joining group course 

1 day £250.00pp

2 people - joining group course multiple person booking discount*

1 day £230.00pp*

 3 - 4 people - joining group course multiple person booking discount*

1 day £210.00pp*

1 person - private tuition (1:1)

1 day £420.00pp

2 people - private tuition (1:2)

1 day £275.00pp

* multi-person booking discount applies when all students are booked under a lead booker and paid for at the same time

2018 Scheduled Course Dates:


Tuesday 6th March 

Saturday 10th March

Sunday 8th April

Sunday 13th May

Sunday 20th May

Sunday 17th June

Wednesday 20th June

Sunday 24th June

Wednesday 4th July


Sunday 15th July
Tuesday 24th July
Wednesday 25th July
Thursday 26th July
Sunday 5th August

Saturday 18th August

Sunday 26th August
Sunday 23rd September
Sunday 14th October
Sunday 28th October
 Sunday 11th November

RYA PWC (jetski) Proficiency Course DEPOSIT

Pls Note: These are NOT the only courses we run, just the ones with remaining spaces. Please call or email us to check other course availability. 


  • Available

Planning on using a pwc (jetski) in europe?

PWC (jetski) International Certificate of Competence (I.C.C.)

If you are planning on hiring a PWC (jetski) or taking your own PWC (jetski) to Europe then once you have completed your RYA PWC Proficiency Course you can apply for an RYA I.C.C. which is the certificate required by local authorities in most European Countries. 

What is an ICC? - See here

Acceptance of the ICC? - See here

Who can get an RYA ICC? - See here

Applying for an ICC? - See download below:

ICC Form 2018-3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 722.5 KB

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Additional Learning:

Boating Books

PWC Licence, jetski licence