Jetski Owners Kit

Gul Impact Buoyancy Aid

50N buoyancy

CE EN393 approved

Durable rip-stop CE approved nylon

CE approved layered PE foam

4 adjustable, durable webbing straps

Highly durable seams


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Jetski Tow Strap

15ft long / Floating

Can tow max 900 lbs

10 inch loop at each end and an integrated stainless steel snap hook makes hooking up to recessed bow eyes easy!


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Jobe Kill cord / Safety Lanyard

Kill cord / Safety Lanyard - Suitable for Yamaha and Kawasaki PWC. Complete with floating wrist strap and an emergency whistle


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Plastimo SX-200 Handheld VHF

SX-200 provide outstanding transmit/receive performance 1 or 5w

Floats, R&TTE Approval, ATIS mode for inland waters, High-resistance compact design, Large backlit keys, Large backlit LCD display (36x24mm), Height: 137mm without antenna, Cigarette-lighter charger (without holder), Extremely compact and lightweight, Large 36x25mm display, Easy to operate, Ergonomic design and rubber coating for perfect hold, Weighs only 241g including battery, IPX7 rating


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Simrad HH36 VHF/DSC

A feature-packed handheld, Class D, DSC marine VHF radio loaded with the latest technology, integrated GPS, loud and clear audio and navigational features that leave other handheld VHF radios in the shade. Great for use on any sized boat, for professional or leisure use.

Key Features

Extra Large Display, Waterproof, Floats, Class D DSC, Integrated GPS, Dedicated Channels, Easy to use, Dual watch, Selectable transmit power, Long battery life, 'Get Buddy' feature, NMEA 0183, Navigation mode, Plotter mode


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Waterproof First Aid kit

Small kit includes: 

Wipes x 4, Finger Bandage x 1, Burn Pad x 1, Plasters x 10, Eyewash Pod x 1, Vent Aid x 1, Safety Pins x 12, Burn Gel x 1, Eye Pad x 1

Medium kit includes: Wipes x 4 Eyewash Pod x 2 Burn Pad x 2 Plasters x 20 Gloves x 2Instant Ice Pack x 1 Eye Pad x 1 Burn Gel x 1 Triangular Bandage x 1 Safety Pins x 12 Medium Dressing x 1 Vent Aid x 1

Large kit includes: Wipes x 10 Eye Pads x 2 Safety Pins x 12 Medium Burn Gel x 1 Medium Dressing x 2 Gauze Swabs x 5 Triangular Bandage x 2 Plasters x 20 Gloves x 2 Glow Stick x 1 Vent Aid x 1 Foil Blanket x 1 Small Burn Gel x 1 Burn Pads x 5 Large Dressing x 1 Finger Bandage x 1 Crepe Bandage x 1 Eyewash Pod x 2 Instant Ice Pack x 1


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Waterproof Torch

LED Waterproof Torch


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Hand bearing Compass

Iris 50 compass.

The Iris 50 compass is clear evidence that a sturdy marine compass no longer needs to look austere. Good protection against hard knocks : the smooth finish feels soft in your hand, and it will not slip, even if it is wet. Outstanding legibility of the card, with one-degree graduations.

Dimensions: Diameter 83mm. Height 33mm. Graduation every Degree. Illumination by photo-luminescent. Red Lubber line. Weight 105g.


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Small Grapnel Anchor

Small folding grapnel anchor, ideal for jetski's. 

Nominal weight: 1.5kg


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